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food and drink exporter

Sharing Japan's Quality and Tradition Worldwide.

Export Japanese products

Product Development

Feel Japan Quality, Anywhere for Anyone

YOROZUYA TRADING LLC exports Japanese unique food and drinks to the world.

We can propose competitive products that are not yet available in your country.

Singapore, in Sep 2023
YOROZUYA Pavillion

Every year, we participate in exhibitions around the world to introduce carefully selected, healthy, high-quality products that are not yet known around the world. Please visit the YOROZUYA Pavilion and experience the wonders of Japanese food and beverage products.

See you in London, in Sep 2024!
Exhibition, 展示会
Food & Drink Exporter

YOROZUYA carefully selects and exports healthy and unique products that are little known in Japan to overseas markets. For more information, please contact us!

Customer Reviews

"YOROZUYA provides truly outstanding service. I'm always impressed with their curated selection of products and swift response. It's a delight to have access to the flavors of Japan worldwide. I look forward to continuing to use YOROZUYA in the future!"
"If you ask YOROZUYA, you'll get your hands on incredible Japanese products that haven't hit the global market yet!"
"If you're interested in Japanese food and drinks, your first stop should be YOROZUYA.
As someone running a café, it's the Japanese company I highly recommend the most."

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