Miso Soup Long onion

It is a cup to taste the taste of white onion and dashi stock with a good aroma and texture. We combined bean miso with white rice miso to make the bonito broth work well.



1 serving



Rice miso (production in Japan), bean miso, sugar, salt, dried bonito extract, fermented seasoning, Soda bonito powder, dried bonito powder, kelp extract, dried bonito powder, sake spirit, seasoning Ingredients (amino acids, etc.) (partly containing soybeans), dried bonito, dried bonito, dried bonito, coagulant (partially containing soybeans)


Preservation method

Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity , Store at room temperature


Nutrition ingredient (per meal (20.9g))

Energy 36kcal, protein 2.2g, fat 1.1g, carbohydrate 4.3g, salt equivalent 2.0g