Miso Soup Seaweed

Enjoy the seaweed from Ariake and the scent of sea lettuce. We increased the amount of seaweed and adjusted the balance between miso and soup stock so that the aroma of seaweed and sea lettuce would stand out.



1 serving



Rice miso (production in Japan), sugar, salt, yeast extract, katsuo-bushi powder, Soda katsuo-bushi powder, kelp extract, boiled powder, sake spirit, seasoning (amino acids, etc.) sardine, antioxidant (vitamin E), pH adjuster (including wheat in part)


Storage method

Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity , Store at room temperature


Nutrition ingredient (per meal (19.9g))

Energy 33kcal, protein 2.0g, fat 0.8g, carbohydrate 4.4g, salt equivalent 2.1g

Miso Soup Seaweed